Week 2: Art-science hybrid

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Hi all,

As we were discussing in class, artists are now often also scientists and technologists.

Here is an example: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer from  Montreal is a well know new  media artists, here is an article on his current show. Interestingly, this article is from a science magazine.



Cory Doctorow: My computer says no – opinion – 07 June 2010 – New Scientist.

week2: Social Media Accounts

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For this class set up accounts for the follwing social media sites:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Second Life
  • Del.icio.us
  • Flicker

My Digital Footprint

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1.What does your current digital footprint say about you?
My digital footprint isn’t very impressive. I googled my name “Solanje Ghany” and the first thing that came up was my dysfunctional website that I created for previous Ryerson classes. Other wordpress blogs that i’m part of came up as well showing some of my work that I did in photoshop. One link that I found interesting was a link to peopleAZ.org, the name of the article was ‘People with the last name Ghany’ I scrolled through the list and found my name, spelt with a ‘g’ instead of a ‘j’. Curious I clicked the link and found out that my name spelt with a ‘g’ is the 2,893rd most common name. My last name Ghany is the 133,114th most common surname. Other than these few links, I don’t appear to exist on the internet.
2.Would you want an employer or teacher to see that? What do you want it to show and say?
I would not like a teacher or employer to see these results. I want them to be impressed with what they see whether it is my sketches, paintings, photos or programs. I want to be able to have a website or positive results that would encourage someone to employ me. It would also come in handy when I want to show my parents or friends what I do in school and how i’m progressing.

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1) What does your current digital footprint says about you,

My digital footprint is very passive and it says nothing about me at all, nothing as to my social, personal or even my professional life.  When I googled my name, I discovered that there are many others with the name “Navdeep Sahota” who have done somewhat of a mediocre job at developing their mark on the digital world. I am not surprised at all because I have never really made the effort to use the digital world to create an image of myself that can be seen by anyone. My facebook account has many privacy settings on it, which is why I can’t be found on facebook when searched by a random person. When I “spezified” my name, I actually found my name on the “Heart Lake Senior Girls Team Scores” webpage. This was quite surprising because I have never seen this webpage before. Through this webpage, one will know that I attended Sandalwood Heights Secondary School and played on the senior girls basketball team. I don’t know how accurate this page is because Amanda Morgan wasn’t on my team and I am not too sure as to what the numbers mean. (It definitely can’t be the points we scored against HeartLake).

2) Would you want an employer or teacher to see that? What do you want it to show and say?

Definitely not because I am basically non-existent in the digital world and an employer or teacher wouldn’t be interested in seeing that I was on a basketball team. I am not quite sure exactly what I want my digital footprint to say about me but I hope as I continue to establish it, I find out exactly as to how it should define me. I know that I want my digital footprint to really express who I am and what I hope to be. I want it to define my years at Ryerson, specifically what I’ve learned and accomplished, and then my professional career.

week 2 vblog question of the week

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Read this article: What is the importance of a digital identity?

Articles of Interests:

Some how to pages

Tech research resources

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Research is a way of life not a task

– Daily activities to build knowledge base:

– RSS feeds (google reader)

engadget, boing boing, Instructables, Networked_Performance, we make money not art,digg, Delicious/SocialTechnologiesForYoungChildren

– Forums or websites



Youtube feeds


– Magazines


– Colleagues and peer group:




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Course outline
– Rap up of new media exercise
– Lecture: what is new media?
Assignment 1: Discussion, what is your digital footprint?
– Introduction to assignment 2

Due next week:

we will do the following In class research: How to build a website 101

– Step 1 of Assignment 2.

– During the week, set up groups of six and rsearch how to get your name (or pseudonyms) to be the first link in a google search. Post your findings in your blog.