Assignment 4: Network cultures in 2050

Assignment 4: New media cultures in 2050    (20%)

In groups of no more than four build an online gaming narrative on the theme: New media  cultures in the year 2050.

Step 1: Create a mock up and show it in class (week 8) (week 9)
step 2: Design functionality, interface, dynamic content, visual representation, experience (week 9) (week 10)
Step 3:  build it (week10) (week 11)
Step 4: rebuild it (week11) (week 12)
Step 5: show it (week 12) (week 13)

Added March 25th

For the final project

Make sure you check the evaluation rubric

You will need to postby the date of the showing:

– a url for the piece or its documentation if it is not web based.

– a url for the documentation on the project which needs to include:

1) An evaluation of the project

2) A list of group members and list all production activities they performed.

3) A bibliography for your technical research, formatted in essay format (Chicago MLA style format)

4) A bibliography for your scholarly-creative research, formatted in essay format (Chicago MLA style format)

  1. alxbal says:

    This page has links to last year projects: 2050

  2. Group: Meerie, Kyle, Navdeep, Evan
    Virtual reality becomes reality and humans have to rely on technology for survival, all of the earth’s ecosystems have collapsed.

  3. jasparkinson says:

    Group: Phillip R, Alex L, Jen P, Nicole L, Jasmine P

    Many out looks of what the future may come some examples include that people will be living in a virtual world, in air, space or underwater… Land will be gone

  4. Group Members: Elizabeth Wood, Rachel Sulman, Melissa James

    We plan to emphasize the lack of reality present in the current day and show the advances towards a more digital environment that will take place. We will be questioning what will still be real in the future and if technology will become our lives instead of part of our lives.

  5. Connor Crawford says:

    Our general first idea is that we will focus on two realities in 2050.
    The real world and the expensive online virtual grid. The internet, second life and full virtual reality have been merged into one. Nearly every household has a device that logs you into a permanent account you receive at birth. The “account” has real world-type consequences. The world is policed and controlled by a government, which is a large section of the real world government. People work and make money (digitized) in the virtual world. We will continue to expand upon the virtual world.

    Due to the ever expanding virtual world, parts of the 2010 real world are greatly reduced. Office buildings, recreation, stadiums, many physical buildings are more or less no longer required, and the space is replaced with renewable energy sources and other things of that nature. we will continue to expand upon this too.

    ConnorCrawford, CarlFarrell,samanthatotera,stephanieredmond

  6. solanje1891 says:

    Group Members:
    Beverly Duong
    Daniel Zeng
    Deevanie Jethoo
    Solanje Sellier
    Ryan Neves

    For our final project we will be focusing on the future of communication.

  7. Group Members:
    Matthew Marchildon
    Natalie Schabowicz

    Future of hand held devices

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