Exercise 3:html 101

In class 3

In groups of 5 create a multimedia presentation that explains and demonstrates how to create a website, an individual page using html 5 and how to post it on the image arts server?

Server information

–       Use the wiki to gather your data,

–       create a multimedia presentation of your findings,

–       Individually create a post in your blog that describes what you have learned and includes a link to the wiki page

– Create a reply in assignment 2 that links to your post.

–       Each group member must have a webpage setup on the server by next class. The page should include

o   1 paragraph of text introducing you

o   1 image

o   link to another site

o   must validate using w3c validator service

  1. Hi Alex,

    just a simple post explaining exercise 2. My group members names are in the post.


  2. I forget who’s group I was in. However, here is my site: http://imagearts.ryerson.ca/alalonde/

    My final site is currently under construction but feel free to visit it.

  3. ashleywilden says:

    I realized I hadn’t posted this yet :S BUTTT we did present it in class so I hope all’s well.


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