My Digital Footprint

Posted: September 15, 2010 by solanje1891 in Assignment 1
1.What does your current digital footprint say about you?
My digital footprint isn’t very impressive. I googled my name “Solanje Ghany” and the first thing that came up was my dysfunctional website that I created for previous Ryerson classes. Other wordpress blogs that i’m part of came up as well showing some of my work that I did in photoshop. One link that I found interesting was a link to, the name of the article was ‘People with the last name Ghany’ I scrolled through the list and found my name, spelt with a ‘g’ instead of a ‘j’. Curious I clicked the link and found out that my name spelt with a ‘g’ is the 2,893rd most common name. My last name Ghany is the 133,114th most common surname. Other than these few links, I don’t appear to exist on the internet.
2.Would you want an employer or teacher to see that? What do you want it to show and say?
I would not like a teacher or employer to see these results. I want them to be impressed with what they see whether it is my sketches, paintings, photos or programs. I want to be able to have a website or positive results that would encourage someone to employ me. It would also come in handy when I want to show my parents or friends what I do in school and how i’m progressing.

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